Be aware of buyers who do not abide by the laws for purchasing gold, silver and platinum. Chances are if they are not following the rules they are probably not paying you what your valuables are worth either.

Does your gold and silver buyer:

  1. Weigh the precious metals in front of you in plain veiw so you know what you have?
  2. Does your precious metals buyer have the prices posted that they are paying you in plain view?
  3. Does your precious metals buyer inform you of exactly what the karat of gold you have 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, etc
  4. Does your precious metals buyer hold your merchandise for at least 3 days after purchasing it in case of theft?
  5. Do they require proper identifcation from you when you sell your merchandise to make sure they are not stolen goods?
  6. Do they give you a reciept of exactly what they have purchased from you so you know you got what you deserved?

These are just some of the laws that are in place to protect you in the State of New Jersey and if your precious metals buyer does not do this for you they are breaking the law and should be reported to consumer affairs or your local police department.

Below is We Buy Gold's inspection report. These are the items that the State of N.J. requires. We Buy Gold follows all rules and regulations to protect you.



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